Things You Should Do If Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Dies Out Of Nowhere

So if you have recently purchased a Samsung galaxy s6 and  good Iphone screen repair and it all of a sudden stops working out of nowhere, here’s what you need to do instead of panicking around.

If you are facing battery issues where you have encountered scenarios where your phone switches off randomly without any response, especially when you have never dropped or damaged your phone then this could be some problem that should be figured out. If you are facing such an issue, know that there is some problem with your phones battery and there’s a chance that you need a galaxy s6 battery replacement Brisbane, but before we move onwards to that, here are some steps you should follow;

1. Battery Checking

One of the most obvious ways to keep a check on the battery is to go to the built – in feature option by going to settings and then battery. If any particular application is standing out amongst the other mobile applications then you should have them closed as they cause a battery drain.

2. Safe Mode

Keeping your phone under a safe mode is an option that should be considered at all times. Under a safe mode, the phone is prevented from the third party applications that are running from behind. If any specific application is the reason that is causing a battery drain, then you should consider restarting your phone under a safe mode option.

3. Soft Reset

Sometimes a soft reset of the phone helps in your phone to get a boost and work fine like it used to earlier. Performing a soft reset option in android phones is easier, all you have to do is to hold the power or lock button option for a few seconds. This should be done to give your phone a break as a lot of people don’t turn off their phones at all. This should most specifically be done when the main reason for battery issue is the Google services.

4. Google Sync Settings

Have you ever wondered what does Google Services have to do with the drainage of your phones battery? Well, make sure you are figuring this out by going to the settings option of the phone to check whether the sync options of all your accounts are enabled or not. Since core Samsung services and google are linked together by the cloud of which they are turned on by, so disabling them may help in dealing with battery issues that you have been facing.

5. Use Smarts

If you are not a regular phone user then it is highly recommended to use the power saving mode option that comes in all android phones. Under this particular option, the screen light is dimmed, the processor is throttled slightly and lastly, sync options are turned off that help in saving your battery life.